3D-Album Creative Center

3D-Album Creative Center 4.0

3D Album Creative Center creates 3D animations, with music, video and photos

The 3D Album Creative Center 4.0 is a software collection program of multimedia tools for Windows’ operating system users that offers them a complete application solution for creating 3D animation shows, with music, video and photo conversion, and editing features, and the ability to produce video for the iPod, PSP, YouTube platforms.

With over 100 themes for special occasions or the other content libraries, users can create shows, exhibit, and animate their photos using a Hollywood style showcase tool that’s included in this program. Home users can animate their photos in a professional way with the 3D Album Creative Center 4.0 providing all the editing tools needed as well as use extra features such as 3D decoration brushes, 3D tests, and 3D photo framing to enhance them.

Professional authors and editors can use the application’s multiple mixer styles to create commercial displays, produce videos, digital catalogs, and play music sequentially or randomly. For digital catalogs, the program features page design and layout tools with a wide selection of customizable templates. A video capture element within the program allows users to convert and create video files in movie formats from their 3D animated showcases ready to burn on to DVD.

The 3D Album Creative Center 4.0 also helps keep files organized by allowing batch editing, processing and design, and users can search, sort, categorize, annotate, group, voice over, and quickly fix, all their photos. With a completely a integrated suite of tools such as fully featured vector tools available to them, users can paint, draw, illustrate, edit and design 3D virtual galleries; screensavers; 3D movie players; and even add photos to 3D objects with a 3D compression tool.

The 3D Album Creative Center 4.0 can read JPEG files of up to 8000 x 6000 pixels in real time animation and its text automation feature allows users to create templates of descriptions. For narration purposes, the hypertext tool supports a text/paragraph format as well as actions such as playing sounds, movies, turning pages, or opening websites. The 3D Album Creative Center 4.0 supports the Windows 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems.

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